Actions Reflect Belief

We believe different things. Our beliefs sculpt our minds and make us unique individuals. Some believe strongly in faith and religion; others passionately believe  in reason and science. Whatever our beliefs are, we always strive to prove them to others through our actions.i.e. those who have religious beliefs perform religious acts such as praying and reading holy scriptures, and those who believe otherwise similarly act upon their beliefs. We behave according to our personal beliefs even though we sometimes give them general labels.

One can argue that in the case of religion, people believe the belief in diverse ways. This is why we end up with good -practicing- religious people and bad-non-practicing people. This applies to all religions and societies. Although the fundamental belief is the same, the way in which those beliefs are expressed differs. This difference, however, may in fact mean that the fundamental (basic) belief isn’t really the same for everyone, for if it was, we would be mirrors reflecting one another.

There is an infinite number of beliefs, but they all bloomed and flourished from other, more basic, beliefs.i.e. people interpret the basic beliefs differently, then they practice their own interpretation of the general belief. This is why we can’t judge people’s behaviour based on what we think their belief is. Everyone is different. So is their belief; thus their actions differ even if a more general label is used to identify their belief.


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