Does My Skin Colour Make You Racist?

It’s in our nature to feel superior over those who, we believe, aren’t our equals and to subordinate the less educated. It’s not in our nature though to frown upon those who don’t choose their origin and skin colour. It’s also not in our nature to attack, abuse and assault people for their race. Racism isn’t just discrimination based on origin and skin, it’s an ideology instilled in those closed-minded, superficial people who can’t see beyond others’ skin.

People are racist, not because they logically assume that the difference in skin tone makes a shade superior and the other inferior, but because of the associations that are attached to different racial groups. For centuries, the lighter races conquered the world and created civilizations while the darker races were oppressed and enslaved. In addition, the fair skinned had power and were fortunate to get a decent education. In contrast, the dark skinned were-as passed down-primitive and uneducated.   These “facts” are taught in schools, discussed in conversations and spread all around the world. How can we expect people not to attach these so called historical facts to  particular races and act on them, especially as the media constantly reminds the world about the past and persistently elaborates the superiority of a certain racial group and tags all the other groups with inferior labels? These facts have become part of our psyche; part of how we think of other people; part of how we interact with people and treat them.

Origin and skin colour aren’t the real reasons behind racial discrimination; it’s the fact that people can’t see beyond all these associations and stereotypes. If everyone thought before they labeled others and treated them accordingly, racial discrimination would be far much less than now.

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  1. johncoyote says:

    I been to Asia and Africa. Education is very important to them. Racist people- mean to me. People fear what they do not understand. No superior race. Old country wisdom taught to me by a father who knew racism in his life. and more education.Never allow anyone to look down at you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a important topic.

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